Friday, 18 January 2013

#WordlessWednesday : Page 57 / 60

        " I let the rain of tears , falling down yesterday , i let them rolling to my cheeks , through out the veins of reddish blood . It seeks happiness . Not sadness . Nor the sorrow . Its a fool things to be decide . Yet . I put my sick ankle and try to bent it . No . Its impossible . It is almost imposibble ,. Till the day we met , literally . It all start to clear me from those dusty cloud of foolishness . There , it suppose to be U when there is no longer stupidity . Just stay strong from now on , and together , the whole scary story , the enemy within , the fire from your friend will stay as dissapear mode."

Watch how did you watch the pain away , watch how i will always try my best to make the love fill with laughter . Watch how sadness will be your worst enemy .

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