Tuesday, 8 January 2013

#ToldlessTuesday November Answer

" Dear you, whoever you that tied my heart to the deepest happiness, to the greatest joy a man could give, bringing me the lights in my life, you! You bring me back to the ground where I should be, reminding me what I should do, trying to understand me. Thank you for giving me, what I really wanted. Thank you for lighting up the dull alley. Thank you because you cried for and with me, laugh for and with me, thank you, because you have been there for me. 

I will still wait, to love you, now until forever. Infinity. "

Starting with a beautiful date , I myself never hope and wish for an end up , either happily or sadly , not even goodbye . New start for us , and hoping for us , a brightfully everlasting happiness . True .Although it all start like a dust , now ,it seems that , theres always be a sunshine and rainbow of happiness to be seen for the second time . You , as always . You look so bright , even a star cant show its love , brighter than you . For being always with me , always when I need someone . For being care and trully showing that love is .. LOVE . Smile , because tomorrow and the other day , I will always smile with you.
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