Tuesday, 26 February 2013

#ToldlessTuesday : Should be told recently .

      Now , after all this searches , with cries , yes . I've found the answer . I've found the reason why . The world is small . Isnt it ? And all the hard work .The pain i've read . And you just thought that i'm just a person who will find your fault .

This real pain . A pain can never be paid by dollars . I dont want anything . I really dont ask for anything . I dont wish for a beautiful girl .I even never had a dream to have a good girl , the best girl who's always with me and encouraged me to be strong .I guessed i had just forget about that recently . And today , I have done what i find is what i need to do . I've give what you asked for . And i wont regret it eventhough its too hard and painful . But it will getting worst if I keep becoming like this . While im writing this , im in a pain , but seeing you like this .It make me feel sad . There's no one who's giving me any shoulders right now .

Perfection .

I never and will not wish for that .

This long day . begging for an a

I keep on messing up with myself .

I've asked Him who's the real one .

I've prayed to make this relationship goes further , just like what you and i want .

I know I've been an annoying people to you and the rest .

In here , i am begging you with my own feet , with my own leg , i didnt wish for a sympathy , to feel sorry while im begging you and everyone for an apology with this leg . I didnt . I swear i never did .

But now , I really sincerely begging for a sincere apology from you . Boleh tak awak maafkan saya buat kali terakhir ?

Its hard enough to be apart from you and all of you .

Its enough for me if i can save this relationship with you . I will never wish for more .

All this while I've tried to understand you . And now , Im really hoping .I can have the day when I can hear your laughter . Yes .What is important to me now is just your laughter . Im missing you .

Would you please , save the last chance for me ...

P/S : From me to you .
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