Wednesday, 20 February 2013

#ToldlessTuesday : Achievers and achievement

 Define achievement .In Malay , we call it as kejayaan . Something we grab that after we had fought earlier and end up as a loss or gained a big or just something that will make us proud and feels like flying in the sky  Yeah . Totally . Who doesnt wanna be achievers , right ?

In everything . Social life .Love . Career . While doing jobs . And yes of course . Akhirat .
But sometimes , we end up being a jerk and a loser although we had created the best plan . But dont ever forget , if you fail with plan A , there's always 25 more alphabet .

Failure is not an option . It just some roads that people choose to go when they cant handle themselves . WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE ONE ?
I know . Grossed. Isnt it ? Its created nauseus when you read this . Who cares ? If I dont do the talking , would you changed , LOSER ? I really need at least to be a good person when I try to advice you ? Theres at least 27 million people who sit around you and look what they did to you . Did they try to make you happy ? NO ! Did they try to talk to you ? NO ! Did they even try to make you feel and change to become a better person ? NO ! So why I cant be the person who changed you ? Would you even try to explain why the one who do the talking is not me ?

P/S : Im not sure . And I really dont know . Seriously I'm confused . Did i just wrote this ?
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