Sunday, 17 February 2013

#ItsMonday : Believing and the strengh while moving on

 One girl thought me this and I can 
Really quote it really well 
"Move on wak 
Apa guna awak mengharap pada orang
yang tak sudi terima awak ?
Saya ada untuk awak . ( Oct 24 ,2012 ) "
Oh and that voicenote. That really melting
heart voicenote .Do you remember the 
first time you stole my heart and take it
away from me ? 

She also thought me , when I want to 
be strong , find someone who will really
care about you . Will always go through
hard and small matters together .
Will be striving and striking for eternal
 Yes .
And the most important thing .

And yes ,I've move on . I've love you . And I did wanna end up like these old folks . Die in and between your arms holding me tight .I never wish for other things . I never wish for a sword-by-sword moment with you . I cant even killed myself . How can I ever feel and have intention of killing you ? 

Love . I Love You .
Dont ever go away .

P/S : Will you always stay strong and always be mine , sayang ?
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